Unmasking the Dual Faces of the Left: Antisemitism and Islamophobia

Unmasking the Dual Faces of the Left: Antisemitism and Islamophobia
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The following blog post about antisemitism and Islamophobia on the left is syndicated from Alex Story The Aussie Wire News’ UK Correspondent

The Left is both antisemitic and Islamophobic.

The first point is not up for debate.

From Marx to Keynes and from Corbyn to the current Labour Party, the
antipathy towards the Jews is well established.

In his little-known pamphlet “On the Jewish Question” written in 1843, Marx,
the holy messenger of the Left, tells his followers that the Jew is an
egotistical, Mammon worshiping huckster.

“Money is the jealous god of Israel, in the face of which no other god may
exist”, which is why, he recognises in Judaism the “general anti-social element
of our time.”

He adds that “Christianity sprang from Judaism. It has merged again with

In other words, Jews and Christians are one.

By calling for the emancipation of “mankind from Judaism”, he is in fact
preaching the slaying of the two birds of Judaism and Christianity with the
nihilistic stone of perpetual class war.

A few decades later, Keynes, the darling of that sect called “Economists” (still
taken seriously by some) for his part, writes in his Visit to Berlin in June 1926
when describing his encounter with that “naughty Jew” Albert Einstein, the
physicist, that “it is not agreeable to see a civilisation so under the ugly thumbs
of its impure Jews, who have all the money and the power and the brains.”

As he says, he would rather not be “mixed up” with “the German political

More recently, a little before the recent kerfuffle over Gazza revealed what
was only hiding behind a very modest fig leaf, the Equality and Human Rights
Commission reported in October 2020 that there were “serious failings in
the Labour party leadership in addressing antisemitism”.

At the time of the report, we note that the leadership of the Labour Party was
Jeremy Corbyn and Sir Keir Starmer.

No surprises there.

Labour MPs, councillors, members and hangers on, chant “from the Desert to
the Sea” calling in effect for the extermination of Israel in exalted anger but, in
their deep hypocrisy, never found the energy to stir themselves for the
hundreds of thousand dead Yemenis and Syrians killed by Middle Eastern
powers over the last few years.

Still less did they find it within themselves to mourn Christians. The 2019
Foreign Office Report on the topic reminds us that “245 million Christians”
suffer levels of persecution that are “close to meeting the international
definition of genocide”.

The eradication of Christians is common practice from Nigeria to the
Philippines. It adds “Christianity is … the most persecuted religion of modern
times” – but not deserving of one poxy parade apparently.

The hatred of Jews explains the very different reactions.

This antisemitism, which considers both Judaism and Christianity to be one in
the words of Marx, is the point of agreement with Islam, also seeped in animus
towards the world’s two monotheistic faiths.

They stand against the Ten Commandments, which Marx calls “the groundless
law of the Jews”.

However, behind the Left’s antisemitism, we find Islamophobia.

To Progressives, Man, like software or machines, can be improved.

The implication is that in the past men were bad but through a process of re-
education, they will become better.

In this view, religion is only a relic of a dark past which needs to be extracted
from our polity like a rotten tooth.

With every step we take forward, Faith disappears gradually from view.

Ironically though, the Left does have a Religion: political power.

From that perspective, Power is the element that defines human relationships.

In contrast, bonds of family, friendships and kinship, are antediluvian flotsams
on the Progressive Seas of constant change.

With Power being so crucial, the workingman’s allegiance cannot be counted
on. Indeed, he voted for the Conservatives too often; Churchill in 1951;
Thatcher in 1979; Boris in 2019.

He is not reliable.

As the Socialists wrote in Fabianism and the Empire in 1902 of the working
classes “their masters are spending money; and they are touching their hats.”

The working man is despicable because he can be bought. He and his kind have
and will never be forgiven.

As a result, the Left decided to import votes. These, they thought, would be
more dependable.

They would distribute goodies in return for electoral support.

As religion, to their minds, was and is an irrelevance, the cultural inheritance of
the imported voter did not feature.

Besides, even if religion mattered in the 1960s, it would, theoretically, become
increasingly less relevant as time went on. The opposite happened.

Islam, including the Pakistani Deobandi movement, a school of “thought” that
emphasizes Koranic principles soon became embedded in the country.

As time went on parts of the country were lost to Parliament and came under

Practices, fully alien to Brits only five decades ago, became regular fare: female
genital mutilations, “honour killings” and mass rape to name but a few.
Having sown the wind, the Left reaped the whirlwind.

Indeed, when it came to our daughters , Jack Straw, former Justice Secretary,
said on BBC Newsnight in January 2011 , that Pakistani men saw them as “easy
meat” after Tim Norfolk’s “Conspiracy of Silence on UK Sex Gangs” article
shook the nation to her core.

The Rotherham Chief of Police admitted that his force ignored the sexual
abuse of girls by Pakistani grooming gangs for decades because it was afraid of
increasing “racial tensions”.

At least 1400 girls had been raped between 1997 and 2011 in Rotherham. The
inquiry team found examples of “children who had been doused in petrol and
threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness
brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone”.
Not just Rotherham. But Telford, Oxford, Wakefield, Newcastle – these abuses
still go on today.

But rather than admit failure and demand forgiveness, the Left doubled down
and attacked the victims, promoting multi-culturalism as a cynical deflection

The ideology became the carpet under which Disgrace was brushed.
In so doing, the Left accepted a Balkanised and partial justice system in which
laws are applied according to background, creed and cultural heritage.
For Permanent Political Power, the establishment betrayed our history and

It replaced the latter with a doctrine with which it is petrified.

In this sense, the Left is truly Islamophobic – it is scared witless.

Having gambled all on its empty theory of Progress, the established Left finds it
has no power to control the Mohammedan creed.

In the short term, both political philosophies are united together in their
profound and historical antisemitism.

The moment the motive is removed though, all bets are off.

You can watch Alex’s interview with Topher on The Aussie Wire News here

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