The Dark Side of ESG: Nigel Farage Fights Back

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We reflect today on Premier Daniel Andrews’ popularity dip, examine billion-dollar cancellations under Andrews’ leadership, discuss explosive revelations about Nigel Farage’s bank account closure, and explore a potential shift in global energy approaches. Get ready for a thought-provoking and informative episode!

Reflecting on Premier Daniel Andrews’ Popularity Dip

Our Host, Topher Field analyses the decline in Premier Daniel Andrews’ popularity since the announced cancellation of the 2026 Commonwealth Games in Victoria, Australia. Topher discusses what this trend reveals about Victorian voters and the urgent task of fostering a society deserving of better governance and premiers.

Explosive Revelations: The Nigel Farage Banking Saga with Alex Story

Alex Story, our UK Correspondent, uncovers explosive revelations about MPs and banking executives lying to cancel Nigel Farage’s bank account. Topher and Alex delve into the breach of privacy, targeting of Farage by banking executives, and speak to Farage’s unwavering determination to fight back against the wrongs thrown at him by banking executives when their own bank compliance and risk teams so no wrong doings by Farage.

Legacy of Cancellations Under Daniel Andrews: A Conversation with David Limbrick MP

Victoria’s Libertarian Member of Parliament David Limbrick joins the discussion on the cancellation of the 2026 Commonwealth Games which was due to be held in Victoria, and the billion-dollar payouts for abandoned projects during Daniel Andrews’ tenure. Gain insights into the implications and consequences of these actions especially for every Victorian is vital as the State is plunged further into debt by the Labor Daniel Andrew Government.

A Potential Shift in Global Energy Approaches: Insights from Joanne Nova Science Correspondent

Joanne Nova, our Science Correspondent, brings good news of a potential shift in some countries’ approach to energy and ‘net zero.’ Topher and Joanne discuss that this good news isn’t for Australia but nevertheless some countries are finally breaking from the orthodoxy of climate fear and ‘net zero’ and doing what is best for their citizens instead. Explore whether these ideas can catch on in Australia and pave the way for a more citizen-centric energy policy.

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