16 Years Later; When will the water crisis end?

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In this episode, we expose glaring lies propagated by politicians, shed light on CCP’s influence through sister city relationships, discuss the consequences of the 2007 Water Act, and honor the courage of whistle-blower Monica Bennett-Ryan. Brace yourself for an insightful and eye-opening read!

Unmasking Political Lies: Consequences and Warnings with Topher

Topher reveals three disturbing lies spread by politicians and emphasizes the potential repercussions if we permit sloppy and ill-conceived legislation. Join the discussion on the importance of holding politicians accountable for their actions and decisions.

CCP’s Influence Through Sister City Relationships: Insights from Dr. Tom Brough

Dr. Tom Brough, a Councillor from the City of Albany West Australia, exposes how the Chinese Communist Party exploits the sister city relationships to influence Australian politics at all levels.
Gain valuable insights into this concerning matter and its implications for our democracy as China looks to continue to manipulate Australian politics to their advantage.

Consequences of the 2007 Water Act: A Discussion with Lloyd Polkinghorne

Lloyd Polkinghorne is an esteemed advocate for water rights and management. His expertise and passion for preserving water resources with the Murray Darling Basin region have made him a prominent voice in this field.

Lloyd Polkinghorne and Topher revisit the devastating aftermath of the 2007 Water Act and discuss the detrimental meddling of the Federal Government in water management. Explore this critical issue and its impact on water resources.
You can learn more about Lloyd and his organisation Speak Up 4 Water here and here on Twitter X.

Whistle-blowing Courage: Monica Bennett-Ryan’s Extraordinary Story

Meet Monica Bennett-Ryan, a courageous whistle-blower who exposed what has been described as Australia’s worst intelligence security risk. Discover the remarkable journey of an ordinary woman who chose to do what was right over what was easy.

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