Little wins: How delays and re-thinks show that the tide is turning, think Misinformation Disinformation bill and COVID Inquiry

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Craig Kelly, National Director of the United Australia Party joins Topher to discuss the delay in the Misinformation Disinformation bill and share his thoughts on what’s actually happening. Will this be the governments chance to sneak it through next year whilst everyone is sleeping, or a chance for everyone to wake up and see this bill for what it is?

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Topher then speaks with Senator Malcolm Roberts, on the changes that Qantas has made to their branding. When flights are being cancelled and delayed at the rate they currently are, it’s an interesting place to put your focus. Whilst Sen. Roberts and Topher agree that Qantas staff themselves are generally excellent, those are the top seem to be running a business completely out of touch with the Australian population.

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Finally John Ruddick MLC and Topher discuss the governments COVID inquiry terms of reference and it’s lack of accountability for the States, despite them holding around 80% of the actual action taken during COVID. Why should we push for a Royal Inquiry and what could the benefits of a proper examination into what went on bring about.

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