Slugging it out: Mulgrave up for grabs as the fight for truth and accountability continues

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The Aussie Wire team is freshly back on home soil after their insightful journey to the ARC conference in London.

Today, Topher answers the question: “Is ARC just another gathering by billionaires for billionaires?” Get ready for an episode filled with thought-provoking insights…

First up, we have an exclusive interview with Ethelyn King, the Libertarian candidate for Mulgrave. Ethelyn shares her mission to bring libertarian ideals into the public eye.

Next, we’re speaking with Dr. Paul Oosterhuis, an anaesthetist and the first to face suspension by AHPRA. Dr. Oosterhuis opens up about his experiences and delves into why he felt compelled to share his knowledge with the public.

Finally, we’re joined by Dr. Ursula Edgington, an academic and author who first brought to light the vaccine exemptions granted in New Zealand for some of their workers. Preferred workers perhaps? Our discussion centres around the scant details available and the concerning nature of this secrecy.

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