Ed Dowd speaks out on excess deaths and economic prospects

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In this episode of The Aussie Wire, Host Topher Field brings a thought-provoking editorial about the current US Debt ceiling deal (as at June 1st, 2023 its over $31,000,000,000,000; that’s $31 TRILLION dollars). With both The House of Representatives and Congress agreeing to suspend the debt limit until 2025. Topher in his editorial and again later with his guest, former BlackRock Managing Director Ed Dowd, discuss the potential consequences for the global economy given the US has now suspended the threat from the US Treasury Department to not pay its debts and instead will borrow more money from foreign countries to pay down debts.

Topher does emphasis the importance of using such challenges, like the continued US Debt ceiling deal fiasco to focus on taking action within our own individual lives towards restoring and maintaining our own hope.

Topher interviews Ed Dowd, former BlackRock fund manager and author of ‘Cause Unknown,’ shares insights on excess deaths discussed in his book. He also discusses his newly released report on the US economy and highlights a critical mistake he believes the US Federal Reserve Bank is making.

Topher and Ed Dowd delve into the upcoming Perth event they are both attending ‘The Mainstream Medical and Media Conference‘, happening on June 10th at the Perth Convention Centre. The conference will feature notable speakers like Dr Aseem Malhotra, Naomi Wolf, John Shipton, and Topher himself as the MC.

In a pre-recorded interview with John Ruddick MP, they explore the concept of ‘school vouchers‘ as an alternative approach to school funding. He discusses how this system creates better incentives for schools compared to the current system.

Lastly we have Kate Fantinel, also known as Lady Liberty, who joins us to share her bittersweet feelings about the sudden resignation of West Australian Premier Mark McGowan.

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