The Pfizer Papers, Property Pain, Power Prices: How politics hurts us all

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Welcome to the first episode of The Aussie Wire News!

In this episode, we hear about a Club Grubbery interview with Naomi Wolf and her team, where they uncover hidden information within the Pfizer Papers. Graham Hood, John Larter, Sen Malcolm Roberts, and Sen Alex Antic were all present to hear the revelations. You can watch part 1 of the interview on Facebook.

Dr. John Humphreys from the Australian Taxpayer’s Alliance reveals a hidden detail in Anthony Albanese’s $10 billion housing plan, and the Greens may have accidentally gotten something right.

Joanne Nova sheds light on why energy companies like AGL may want to shut down cheaper power options. Nova explains how AGL profited from the shutdown of Hazelwood, at consumers’ expense, and whether we will see a repeat with the shutdown of Liddell. You can follow Nova on her website.

Next, we turn to Victoria, where the state has become both the most highly taxed and the most in-debt state at the same time. Why is the worst and most universally hated tax in Victoria impossible to get rid of, even though everyone on all sides of politics agrees it’s bad? David Limbrick is the Liberal Democrats Victorian Member of Parliament for South East Metro, he joins us to unpack this conundrum.

As China spends unprecedented amounts on a military buildup, Australia has been shoring up its alliances. But it has become quite confusing with the QUAD, AUKUS, and submarines. The submarines, originally planned to be French, are now going to be nuclear via a joint venture with the UK and US.
Dr. Paul Monk, a former intelligence analyst and expert on defence and geopolitics, weighs in on whether partnering with the superpower that dragged us into the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and is getting more involved in Ukraine is really the ally Australia wants.

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