Freedom of speech gets the win

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Today on The Aussie Wire News: Freedom of speech gets the win

What are they putting in the water in New Zealand? Successive Prime Ministers seem to be trying to out-do each other, all trying to say something more ridiculous than the last! But they can’t escape their own past and should beware a little thing called ‘Duress’.

Lyle Shelton joins us, fresh off his historic and precedent setting legal win for freedom of speech!
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Rukshan Fernando brings us an update on the ‘Fact Checkers’… META have cut ties with RMIT’s ‘FactLab’ in the aftermath of Rukshan’s revelations about their contract and the fact that FactLab were not compliant with their own contractual obligations! Since then Sky News have shown FactLab’s appearance of extreme bias on The Voice, and now their contract has been terminated. Officially they’re saying it’s just a matter of getting their certification back and all will be well… but if that’s true then why all the frantic changes to the FactLab website? Rukshan breaks it all down for us!
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Suspended Dr My Le Trinh brings us her story as she fights to regain her registration and right to practice medicine. After maintaining a perfect record for 25 years she was suspended when there were 2 complaints made on the same day… and at least one of those complaints raises a lot of questions…

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