Silent Truths Revealed: Whistleblowers Journey from Truth to Target

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Today on The Aussie Wire News: Whistleblowers Journey from Truth to Target

Topher defends the Australian Electoral Commission… yes really! And uses the recent furore over ‘ticks’ and ‘crosses’ to make an important point about how we fight our battles.

We catch up with Matthew Lawson as he approaches Toowoomba! We discuss blows tyres, hills, and ask what’s taking so long!
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Whistleblower David McBride joins us as his court date approaches. David was the Defence Whistleblower who provided journalists with classified information about war crimes from Australian armed forces and years later he is still the only person who has been charged, despite the crimes he uncovered.
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Joanne Nova joins us to discuss the extraordinary developments happening in the UK as the people of England actively push back against London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zones.
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