Freedom Revolution: Going global with a message of hope

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Today on The Aussie Wire News: The Freedom Revolution: Going global with a message of hope

It’s been an amazing 4 months since the launch of The Aussie Wire, and there’s a CRAZY 4 months ahead to the end of the year!

What’s coming up in the next 4 months:

The return of Topher’s Slow Chats, the introduction of Aussie Wire Deep Dives, the Donald Trump Junior tour, and of course The Aussie Wire team heading to London to cover the launch of the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship!

Topher tries (and fails) to hide his jealousy as he chats with Monica Smit about her travels and what she has been doing to destress after she was such a key player in the freedom movement in Victoria, and to discuss what she’s seeing and the people she is meeting in her travels.
They also talk about Monica’s book and the ‘We Are Ready’ movement.…
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Community Building is a key part of The Aussie Wire’s ethos, and it can take many forms. Today we speak with Jake Wolki, a farmer who is stepping in to help other farmers hurt by the ban on live sheep exports from West Australia. In the process we discover how it’s possible for the shelf price of meat to be so high, but at the same time the farm-gate price for lambs is so low that some farmers are actually shooting their sheep rather than trying to sell them.
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Energy is a key topic for The Aussie Wire and there’s many aspects to it!
Today we interview a farmer, Grant who is concerned about the impact that the proliferation of giant wind turbines, massive solar farms, and all the necessary transmission lines, is impacting food and fibre production for Australia and the world.

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