The Great Vanishing Act; COVID-19 vs. Flu

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Welcome to this episode of The Aussie Wire where we delve into intriguing topics and feature prominent guests sharing their valuable insights. Join us as we explore lessons from Venezuela, unravel the mystery of the missing flu, and hear about the concerns of Senator Malcolm Roberts’ constituents. This specific episode of The Aussie Wire has only three segments instead of the usual four to ensure that we give enough time to each segment to unpack the valuable insights found in each.

  1. Lessons from Venezuela: ‘Condoms, Toilet Paper, and Venezuela’.
    Topher shares his personal experiences from his time in Venezuela in 2015 and the lessons he learned. Reflecting on his talk titled ‘Condoms, Toilet Paper, and Venezuela’ given at the Friedman Conference, he draws connections to the present day. Gain valuable insights into the impact of economic policies and their relevance today.
  1. Unraveling the Mystery of the Missing Flu: Jordan Schachtel’s Data Insights.
    Jordan Schachtel presents compelling data that raises questions about the disappearance of the flu during the Covid era. Explore the thought-provoking article that examines this mysterious phenomenon and invites honest reflection on its possible explanations.

Jordan Schachtel is an experienced investigative journalist with a focus on national security and foreign policy. His data-driven analysis and in-depth research provide valuable insights into complex topics.

  1. Senator Malcolm Roberts and the Concerns of His Constituents.
    Senator Malcolm Roberts embarks on a continuous ‘listening tour,’ engaging with the communities he represents and understanding their concerns. Discover the list of concerns shared by his constituents, which interestingly does not prominently feature ‘climate change’ or ‘achieving net zero.’
    If you haven’t come across Senator Malcolm Roberts before he’s a respected political figure known for his dedication to representing his constituents’ interests. His commitment to listening and understanding their concerns makes him a valuable voice in Australian politics.

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