Respecting the past while building a future: How to move forward in a post-Dan world

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This episode of The Aussie Wire News aired during a YouTube ban.

Topher is joined by Nathan Livingstone of @themilkbarTV fame, a young man who lost his job during the Battleground era and proceeded to ‘get back to his roots’ and make short films. His work has come to the attention of many people Australia-wide and he’s rightly rising quickly in both popularity and influence. But there’s a balance to be struck between wanting accountability for the past, and building your future, and Topher and Nathan talk about how they each have tried to strike that balance.
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Cafe Locked Out is a well known name to viewers of The Aussie Wire, and Michael Gray Griffith continues his incredible journey around Australia finding and telling the stories of ordinary Australians. It’s something that has never been done before on this scale, and Topher and Michael talk about the demands of being the custodian of people’s stories and how Michael strikes a balance between helping others, and looking after himself.

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There’s many different ways to try and make the world a better place, but… CONFERENCES? REALLY? One man who thinks that conferences aren’t just a useless-boring-talk-fest is Dave Pellowe of The Good Sauce Media and the Church and State conferences. And with dozens of conferences under his belt, attended by thousands of people Australia-wide, he might just know a thing or two about what he’s doing! Topher is a regular speaker at Dave’s Church and State conferences and chats with Dave about the value (or otherwise) of showing up for conference ‘talkfests’ and the role that they can play in making the world a better place.

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