A new chapter: Healing the wounds

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This episode of The Aussie Wire was banned on YouTube.

Today on The Aussie Wire News: A new chapter: Healing the wounds

Rukshan helps Topher out as he might have celebrated a little TOO hard at the news of Dan Andrews’ resignation, and Topher can’t help but notice something was missing from Dan Andrews’ resignation speech…

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Rebekah Barnett is like a bloodhound, hard on the heels of the TGA and big pharma as she hunts down the truth. But they’re making her work for it and the level of desperation from the TGA as they try not to give her any useful information is laughable… or it would be if there weren’t so many people dying…

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The Honourable John Ruddick MLC may be a relatively newly-minted MP, but he’s learning the game fast and is getting creative as he seeks to protect freedom of speech under a unique quirk of the New South Wales constitution. Even Topher was blindsided by this tactic, and only time will tell if it will work! John Ruddick MLC joins us to spill the beans.

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We’ve all heard about the Federal Misinformation / Disinformation bill, but sadly there’s also State-based legislation that is threatening freedom of speech! Jasmine Yuen, Victorian State Director for the Australian Christian Lobby, joins The Aussie Wire to tell our Victorian viewers how you can help them as they push back against some truly awful legislation that is in the works.

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