How Far Have We Fallen as a Civilisation

How Far Have We Fallen as a Civilisation
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The following blog post about how far we have fallen as a civilisation is syndicated from Alex Story The Aussie Wire News’ UK Correspondent.

Last week a Jew, a Moslem, and a lapsed Christian walked into a studio. 

It was ostensibly for a civilised debate on a potential path to peace in the Middle East. 

It ended with the host shouting: “I don’t care about your sex lives!”

Yet, it started so well. 

From the autocue Piers Morgan read “Israel at War: the uncensored debate” with all the aplomb of a seasoned media professional. 

The expectant audience was then introduced to the two panellists. 

In the Jewish corner, sporting a ginger beard, a Kippah and a dark greyish tie was Rabbi Shmuley. 

“Rabbi Shmuley Boteach has been called the most famous Rabbi in America, is the international best-selling author of Kosher Hate and the Israel Warrior”, thundered Piers.

In the Muslim corner, wearing a black wispy beard, the specs of “scholars” as understood by analphabets, and a dark greyish tie was Mohammed Hijab, arguably the most intellectual and effective Islamic Apologist on Allah’s good earth. 

Mohammed Hijab is a Muslim Philosopher, scholar and Youtuber, whose first appearance on the show was viewed by 8 million people“, boomed Piers. 

Mohammed smiled like a rotund Cheshire cat.

As in all great comedies, the bathos came fast. The audience just wasn’t ready. 

The show spiralled out of Piers’ control within seconds. All three were, it turned out, totally unsuitable for such a grim topic. 

It was bombast over knowledge all the way through.

The background of Rabbi Shmuley was too much for Mohammed the Wise. 

Indeed, aside from important books on grave matters, Rabbi Shmuley wrote the best-seller “Kosher Sex: A Recipe for Passion and Intimacy”, which was serialised in Playboy Magazine, a pre-internet publication that some men over 40 might remember with trepidation. 

In the book, Rabbi Shmuley “pioneers a revolutionary approach to sex, marriage, erotic attraction, and personal relationships, drawing on traditional Jewish wisdom.”

To make matters more irresistible for Mohammed, one of Rabbi Shmuley’s daughters, Chana Boateach runs a Sex Toy shop in Tel Aviv called Kosher Sex, where she reassures potential browsers that “Nothing is vulgar. Sexuality is complex. These are all things that can be used with a partner to create further intimacy.” 

The third, and perhaps most important, point was Rabbi Shmuley’s seeming near total ignorance of Islamic texts or historical facts, espousing as he did a saccharine Disney-like view of the creed. 

Talking about the Islamic religion, he said, erroneously, that it “started the world’s first universities” and among other things “educated women” in an effort to separate Mohammed Hijab from what some still desperately wish to believe is the mainstream of Islam. 

Mohammed could not even agree to hear the praise, which he could have soaked up and used further into the debate. 

It was perhaps because the Rabbi referred to Mohammed’s statement in Speaker’s Corner that sex with young children is permitted. “If you look just at the Koran, you will get the indication that you can have sexual intercourse with a five year old”, he opined quoting chapter 65.4 of the Koran. 

This line of attack gave Mohammed the Wisest of all Muslim Philosopher, a cue of sorts. He jumped on the Sex topic like a rabid dog in heat to attack the Rabbi and his family personally. 

Indeed, the ad hominem flood gates opened never to close again. 

“He is being more slippery than the lubricants he sells in his daughters sex shop”, he stated after the Rabbi had talked about the Israel’s right to self-defence.

Between words like “dildos” and “vibrators”, Mohammed managed to slip the rhetorical question whether Rabbi Shmuley and his daughter were looking for “two on one” action when the conversation briefly drifted to whether Hamas should be condemned for the October 7th 2023 attacks. 

Mohammed Hijab’s technique, like many of his less exulted peers, seems to have evolved into making false statements with unashamed grandiloquence, interrupting his opponent’s speech repeatedly to get a reaction to then claim Islamophobic victimhood. 

Further, the claims he made about Churchill, whom he called a war criminal, or about Hamas’ Charter, were all made with the total conviction of an ignoramus. 

When challenged on his statement that Churchill was a War Criminal, Mohammed the Scholar admitted that he had no idea. 

“How many people did the Nazis kill?” He was asked – “I don’t know”, he replied.

“How many civilians died in Germany?” – I don’t know exactly, he answered. 

“And in Dresden?” – “I don’t know”, he responded. 

Mohammed Hijab attacked our war time leader and our defence of Civilisation – our finest hour – in total ignorance of any fact. 

Churchill, of course, posthumously, had the measure of Mohammed Hijab, reminding us that his belief “is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog.

And yet, unashamed, Mohammed said, again apparently unaware of the thin ice on which he and his faith stood, that collective punishment is against his morality and religion.

Of course, we read in Sahih Muslim, one of Islam’s most trusted sources, that “when asked about the women and children of the polytheists being killed during the night raid, the prophet of Allah said: They are from them” – in other words, they should die.

Returning to more salacious shores, Mohammed Hijab said of Rabbi’s son who is currently fighting in the Israeli Defence Force that he “is being vibrated by rockets and him and his daughter are selling vibrators to the public.”

As a commentator wrote, having a debate with the likes of Mohammed Hijab “is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are, the bird is going to sh*t on the board and strut around like it won”.

Incidentally, after the show, Rabbi Shmuley and Chana, his daughter, did sell vibrators to the public offering their global audience a discount for Mo-Hijab sex toys. Rabbi Shmuley, it seems, has a nose for business. 

For us though, it was less profitable. It was, at the very best, an hour of grey cells destroying Bevis and Butt-head style comedy.

What we learnt from Piers Morgan: Uncensored is how far we have fallen as a civilisation. 

How much left there is to fall is anyone’s guess. 

But, on current showing, the future is not bright enough for sun shades. 

So there is an Anglican, an Hindu and Buddhist walking into a studio…

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