Climate Change, Net zero, Digital ID: Never let a crisis go to waste: Why there’s nothing normal about the ‘new normal’

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Topher tackles the politicisation of Cyclone Jasper and the have-it-both-ways dishonesty of the climate change alarmists. Then dives into WHY these alarmists are so… alarmed!

Senator Ralph Babet joins us to discuss the proposed Digital ID bill, gets a little bit fired up, and proceeds to carpet-bomb the government leaving absolutely no doubt as to what he believes this bill is really all about.

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How much land would we need to cover in solar panels and windmills to achieve Net Zero? Kevin You, senior research fellow at the IPA, decided to find out. The answer is absolutely jaw dropping and makes a complete mockery of the idea that Net Zero is even possible, much less good for the environment!

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The humiliating faux welcome to country which Chris Bowen delivered at COP28 is one of those stories that… well… Topher doesn’t love reporting on because it feels… well… insubstantial. But he’s making an exception in this case by having a chat about it with Anthony Dillon. This wide ranging chat covers welcome to country, virtue signalling, and what indigenous cultures can teach us about nuclear fission and the atom.

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