ARC 2023 Bjørn Lomborg: Examining hope and action for an even better future [ARC Forum Insights]

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In this ARC special edition of The Aussie Wire News, Topher ticks off a bucket list item as his decade long dream of interviewing Bjørn Lomborg comes true at ARC 2023.

Topher and Bjørn discuss not only what the better stories discussed at ARC are, but how to take steps toward an even better future. How the “end of the world” view has permeated society and what we can do to turn that ship around. And what really works: action not optics, to gain traction against the biggest issues we currently face as a society.

Bjørn also discusses his book “Best Things First” which focuses on just these topics, a book Topher has read and then re-read on his way to London.

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