What is The Alliance For Responsible Citizenship

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Special Report: The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship take a Pro-Human stance

What is The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship?

The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship describe themselves as “pro-human”. The only policy of Pro-humanism is to let people make their own decisions. Will ARC be the first “think tank” to put human flourishing ahead of things like CO2 emissions and centeralised government power?

As of Day 2 we see that the people here, indeed a group of “elites”,  are coming at the problems of the world from a very different position. They do indeed seem to mean it when they say their stance is pro-human and wish to use their power and influence not to create disempowered and subservient masses, but rather believe that each individual should have the capacity to run their own lives and want to use their power thus.

Will this sincerity lead to action and change? That is yet to be determined and we’ll follow their progress over the coming weeks and months, but for now it appears that they are heading in the right direction.

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