Working man’s nightmare: Jobseekers Beware

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Jobseekers beware… We need to talk about LIES. The best lies are the ones that appear to be the truth… they pass us by and unless we’re really paying attention, we don’t even notice we’ve been lied to!

Politicians are masters of the art, and journalists are only too happy to follow their lead. Topher exposes a few examples and plays a video from 2010 featuring skinny-Topher as he exposed a lie that is still being told to this day.…

Karen Fox joins us from Australia Exits the WHO, a grassroots organisation dedicated to ensuring Australia doesn’t fall prey to the ever-expanding power demanded by the WHO. In her interview Karen just casually drops bombshells including the claim that many of our politicians who have supported WHO amendments in the past were not aware they were doing it because they were buried in legislation marked as being about ‘Timor Leste’! And there’s an URGENT need to make submissions to the cynical ‘Covid 19 Inquiry’ which they’ve tried to ram through with a one week submissions period. Go to the link below and get your submission in NOW.

Make your submission here:…

Australia Exits the WHO:

Disgraceful response to the Petition mentioned in the interview:

Harry Robinson from joins us with a near unbelievable story… that many of the jobs being advertised world-wide don’t even exist! If you thought it was hard to get a job… it is! And those dozens of resume’s you’ve sent out? Honestly… we hate to be the bearer of bad news but probably half of those jobs don’t even exist…

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Aussie Wire regular Rebekah Barnett joins us to discuss the growing number of countries publicly showing pushback against the WHO and the pandemic amendments specifically, creating the prospect of some countries potentially withdrawing from the WHO altogether if the amendments pass as expected. It’s impossible to know what’s going to happen, but it’s clear that a small but growing number of countries have government’s which are increasingly willing to say ‘no’, which is a big improvement on recent years!

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