War on words: When the process becomes the punishment

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Today on The Aussie Wire News: War on words: When the process becomes the punishment

Who fact checks the fact checkers? Rebekah Barnett does! Rebekah joins us once again on The Aussie Wire News this time to get to the bottom of the comments made my Marcia Langton and whether or not she called ‘No’ voters racist and stupid.

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Kirralie Smith from Binary.org.au joins us with some good news… sort of. Some AVOs (a type of restraining order) against her have been withdrawn… but that begs the question, who in the world is putting AVOs against people because of their WORDS?

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Suspended Dr My Le Trinh joins us with an update on her saga as she fights her suspension and fights to ensure that rogue regulators cannot do to others what they’ve done to her.

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