The Mother Of All Revelations: The coverup is worse than the crime, New Zealand goes full 1984

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No doubt you’ve heard of the Mother Of All Revelations by now? We have to be careful what we say or write here and in this story, but Aussie Wire regular Rebekah Barnett and I do our best to cover this incredible story, what it does (and doesn’t) tell us, what to make of the attempted cover-up, and so much more, in one of the most highly censored interviews in Aussie Wire history! Pay per dose…

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Dennis Fang is bringing intellect and history to a TikTok audience… yep, you read that right. In the same way that The Aussie Wire is determined to stay on the major social media platforms (despite the challenges that this presents) because that’s where the people WE want to reach are… Dennis has made his home on TikTok because that’s where the people HE wants to reach are! And honestly, when you see it….? It makes a lot of sense.

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In the past The Aussie Wire has covered the efforts to silence brilliant academics and scientists such as Prof Peter Ridd in Australia, and you’re probably aware of student mobs in the US who have tried to shut down freedom of speech on US university campus’, but what about the ‘home of free speech’ the UK? Surely they’ve preserved freedom of speech and debate of ideas for their students… right? Ella Nixon joins us from the UK to discuss the state of play in the UK.

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