The fall of Great Britain? What happened to the home of freedom: The WHO amendments and a double standard in UK policing

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In just the last week we’ve seen Slovakia, Slovenia, and New Zealand all declare that they will not be signing on to the WHO amendments or the new pandemic treaty, is this a futile gesture? Or are they the first drops in an impending flood? Only time will tell, but Katrina Lane from Stand Up Now Australia needs your help to pressure the Australian Government to be part of that flood by signing the Stand Up Now People’s Letter here:…

Charlie Sansom probably isn’t a familiar name to you, and that’s for good reason. He’s from the UK and was the president of the Conservative Party in the UK until all of a sudden he wasn’t… we’ll let him tell the story of how that happened, and then we chat with him about yet ANOTHER arrest for Tommy Robinson, whether he’s being singled out, and what the obvious double standard in policing in the UK represents for the future of the ‘home of freedom’.

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The Australian Government has gone full Monty-Python, making something illegal even illegal-er… or something… It’s all a bit confusing and we chat with Brian Marlow from Legalise Vaping Australia to help us unravel what in the world is going on and why the Australian Government is re-banning vapes, at the exact same time as New Zealand are winding back their bans on tobacco. It’s a strange world.

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