The changing world: International events to watch in 2024

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On this episode of The Aussie Wire News, discussions of different International events happening in 2024:

Topher Kicks off the year with his first nomination for ‘Article of the Weak’! Sydney Morning Herald writer Simon Johanson tackles the complex issue of energy supply, pricing, and the instability created by renewables. Overall Topher rates Simon’s effort well, with one GLARING exception, which gets Simon the very first ever nomination for ‘Article of the weak’. Would you like to see Topher break down more articles like this? Would you prefer it to be part of the News, or to be its own separate show? Let us know in the comments! The article:

Robert Amsterdam, Founder and Partner at Amsterdam and Partners joins us to discuss the first of three International issues for today: Ukraine, and specifically the slow evolution of Ukrainian President Zelensky towards operating as a dictator. The latest (in a growing list) of concerns is his violent efforts to shut down the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and replace it with a Ukrainian Government Approved alternative. Video used in interview:

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The Hon John Ruddick MLC has recently returned from attending the inauguration of President Javier Milei in Argentina! We continue our coverage of this remarkable moment in history, the first Libertarian head of state anywhere in the world in 2 generations. Up for debate is the likely success, or failure, of the reforms that President Milei is seeking to implement, and whether he can maintain the popular support of the Argentine people during the inevitable disruption which will follow.

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The Aussie Wire are thrilled to announce a new addition to the team! North American Correspondent Julie Hartman! Julie joins us this episode to help us wrap our heads around some of the craziness that seems to have infected the USA in recent years. This time it’s a story close to Julie’s heart, as a recent Harvard graduate she has been following closely the saga of Claudine Gay, the now former President of Harvard, as her short-lived tenure was destroyed by a combination of factors, as the ‘revolution begins to eat its own’.

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