Taking over the world: Tackling the cost of living crisis

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In this episode of The Aussie Wire News: Topher tackles the cost of living crisis… again. Topher first spoke up about the REAL problem over 10 years ago! No one listened then, but maybe they’ll be listening this time as Topher explains, yet again, that your house is NOT the most expensive thing you will pay for in your lifetime…

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Anna McGovern becomes our newest, and the first, The Aussie Wire full-timer! She’s smart, she’s social-media savvy, and she’s not afraid to tackle the big issues. Anna introduces herself in the best possible way… by causing trouble ALREADY!

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Yesterday morning saw some horrible breaking news, that the Greens and Labor party have teamed up to (yet again) screw our irrigators in the Murray Darling Basin. They’ve gone ahead with plans to use buybacks to extract yet more water out of the productive pool, taking it away from farm environments where it helps with biodiversity and breeding grounds AND helps to grow food and fibre… and they plan to use it in their futile quest to keep the ‘mouth of the Murray’ open against the might of the Southern Ocean. It’s just another body blow in a long list of hard hits that our farmers have had to deal with lately, and coming on top of a looming El Nino this is terrible news for our farmers.

An extract from this video is played during this segment:


Here is Topher’s original Murray Darling Basin video from February 2011:


The post-election negotiations in New Zealand have wound up at last, government has been formed, and our NZ correspondent Jonathan Kennerley is quite optimistic that the outcome is a good one, and that the elected government will deliver on their impressive promises to reduce the cost of living and taxes in New Zealand. Time will tell.

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