Soft Power: The two faces of the music and entertainment industry

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Musician and music teacher, Eleanor Parry joins Topher discussing her small towns’ fight against the building of transmission lines through the farms in her community. Eleanor has created an excellent platform to draw attention to this issue with her parody of Joni Mitchell’s famous protest song “Big Yellow Taxi”. Be sure to check it out.

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Aussie Wire Science Correspondent Joanne Nova is back to discuss the scientific conundrum that is the concept of “global warming”.

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Topher is joined by Pat Frusciante from new “micro charity” Be Kind Friday, who are encouraging connection in our fast paced and distracted lives. Be sure to get behind their wonderful community.

Mark Devlin, DJ, musician and public speaker talks Topher through how over the last fifteen years, he has researched and documented the role of the entertainment industry and popular culture as a “soft power” that have been used to debase culture, break down the family unit, push agendas and pre-program the general public.

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