RACE to the bottom: Australia votes on race-based laws as Hamas launches a race-based war.

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The attack by Hamas into Israel, with the deliberate targeting of civilians, is barbaric and deplorable and is being rightly condemned across the world. But we can (and at the Aussie Wire we DO) condemn the attack AND at the same time be concerned about where the retaliations might lead. This is being called ‘Israel’s 9/11’, but this begs the question, have we learned our lessons from the mistakes made in the aftermath of the actual 9/11?

The Voice vote is just days away, Senator Alex Antic and Warren Mundine join us as they’re both out supporting the NO campaign. Sen Antic calls for volunteers, while Warren Mundine makes the case for why he, as an indigenous Australian, is voting NO.

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Maya Tesa is a long time friend of Topher Field, and a perfect example of an ‘ordinary’ person who reached their limits and got politically active. Maya is supporting Australian Fair and campaigning for the NO case on the basis of tough lessons she learned from her childhood in Lebanon.

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Joanne Nova joins us with a remarkable story about how our Superannuation money has become a powerful slush fund for lobbies.

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