Pop Culture, Luxury Cruises, and Political Prisoners: It’s a Jungle Out there

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This episode of The Aussie Wire is packed with discussions on Nigel Farage not being the villain the producers on ‘I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here!’ want him to be. The deeply indebted state of Victoria raising taxes yet again, this time on luxury cruises. And the deeply disturbing imprisonment and now death of political prisoners in Brazil.

An Irish Greens Party Senator Pauline O’Reilly said the quiet part out loud a few months ago… stating that all laws are about restricting freedom. She’s right, in fact if anything she doesn’t go far enough. Topher explains that in fact, all laws aren’t just restrictions on freedom, but are an authorisation of violence, and that’s why it’s so crucial to have as few laws as possible and only use laws when nothing else will work. The simple fact is that governments do not create rights, they can only protect or violate them, and the fact that laws are both a restriction on freedom AND an authorisation of violence is exactly the reason why MPs like O’Reilly shouldn’t be allowed to write unnecessary laws.

Ben Leo is a regular contributor to GB News and friend of Nigel Farage, who is in Australia competing in ‘I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here!’ Yes indeed, he’s put himself at the mercy of the show producers and ‘creative’ editors in the hope that he would come out the other side with more support and more of a voice than when he went in. It’s a big gamble given he knows very well the show itself, the other contestants, and even the audience by and large, will be primed to work against him. Ben explains the strategy that caused Nigel to go in, and makes observations around how the show has tried (and failed) to set him up so far. It would appear that Nigel’s time in the Jungle is far from over, and when the eviction votes begin you can be sure that he’ll be asking you to ‘vote remain’ for Nigel Farage…

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David Limbrick MLC joins us to continue our ongoing coverage of the financial woes of the State of Victoria. We’re watching the Victorian Government flailing as it tries to ‘right the ship’ after a decade of disasterously poor economic management. Victoria is Australia’s mostly deeply indebted state, and also the highest taxing. Now they’re taking drastic measures to cut costs, postponing infrastructure spending or trying to offload it to the Federal Government, cancelling events such as the Commonwealth Games, and most recently hiking up berthing fees on cruise ship operators to completely absurd levels, causing them to simply move their operations elsewhere. It’s a classic example of ‘f*** around and find out’, or to put it in more polite economic terms, it’s the ‘Laffer Curve’ operating exactly as any economist would expect. Can Victoria get out of the mess it’s in? And should it take more drastic measures such as cancelling the hosting of the F1 Grand Prix? Only time will tell.

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Prof Augusto Zimmerman is the former WA Law Reform Commissioner, and a constitutional law expert in both Australia and his birthplace of Brazil. He brings us a deeps disturbing story about Brazil’s lurch toward tyranny and the imprisoning and now death of political prisoners since Bolsonaro lost office and the ‘Workers Party’ favourite Lula De Silva returned to the Presidency in January. The parallels between the US Jan 6 2021 stitch-up, and the Brazil Jan 8 2023 events, are too numerous to ignore.

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