Poll Position: New Zealand votes for a new PM as Australia raises its Voice

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There might be about to be big changes across the pond in New Zealand! Topher explains why elections in New Zealand are perhaps even more important than they are elsewhere, and why he’s hopeful of a good outcome.

John Ruddick MLC joins us to discuss free speech and the right to protest, and how that interacts with things like incitement to violence such as what we’ve seen in the recent ‘pro-Palestinian’ protests, as well as discusses where this renewed Middle East conflict might lead if we react the wrong way.

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Dylan Oakley from @freedomhasavoice joins us with a report of what people are seeing in nursing homes as AEC staff come in demanding votes from elderly people with dementia, with no family members present! Is this what voting is supposed to look like in a free and democratic country? And did the AEC staff themselves bring a ‘Vote YES’ sign in AEC purple colours?

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Joanne Nova drops bombs with regard to the viability and future of EVs, as it seems that perhaps reality is catching up and world leaders begin to distance themselves from the foolish promises of Net Zero.

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