Money matters: why the future of cash depends on us

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The War on Cash: Professor Gigi Foster challenged the Reserve Bank of Australia, wanting to know what plans they have for cash! Are they planning to phase it out or not? Their answer may surprise you, because the future is in OUR hands.

As The Voice referendum approaches things are getting… weird. The ‘YES’ campaign have rolled out branding that looks almost identical to the AEC and the AEC have responded with a bit of a ‘meh’… which is weird given they took the UAP to court over the size of their font! Is this smoking-gun proof that the AEC have lost their independence? And what if we told you that the ‘YES’ campaign is being run by someone who has previously ADMITTED to deliberately misleading voters using AEC branding? If there isn’t a court case over this then the AEC will forever have tarnished its reputation.

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Alex Story reports from the UK on the momentous shift that is taking place as UK PM Rishi Sunak appears to be backing away from NET ZERO commitment and the campaign of civil disobedience from Blade Runners against Mayor Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ scheme continues. Could this be a turning point for the UK and for freedom as a whole?

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