Julian Assange plea deal? Could we see Assange on home soil sooner rather than later?

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Today on The Aussie Wire News: Julian Assange plea deal? Could Julian Assange come home to Australia?

Our host, Topher Field addresses the renewed ‘Satanic Panic’ as the pop music industry seems to be reviving the shock tactics of the 1980s in pursuit of attention. Instead of being outraged by bad people doing bad things, let’s instead find the good.
Oliver Anthony has gone viral with his lyrics and talent from the backwoods of Virginia.
Jack Jones (Irwin Thomas) offers this beautiful rendition of Hold Me In Your Arms.
Zuby raps about perseverance, something he’s learned well in his career and life as an independent artist who stands up to the ‘woke’.
Tom MacDonald is as in-your-face as the worst shock-jocks in his industry, but he’s all about revealing the truth, not hiding it.
Jason Aldean’s smash-hit success ‘Try that in a small town‘ sent shockwaves through the industry claiming the outright #1 spot.
Hi Rez and Jimmy Levy changed the game with a succession of rap hits including ‘God over Government‘.

Next up John Ruddick MLC returns to The Aussie Wire to help us understand the implications of the US Australian Envoy Caroline Kennedy’s comments about a possible ‘plea deal’ to allow Julian Assange to return to Australia. But even if such an offer was made… would Julian Assange take it?
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Reporter Rebekah Barnett breaks down the state of the ‘Censorship Industrial Complex’ as time runs out to make submissions about the proposed new ACMA powers.

Comedian Corey White makes his way from WA to Melbourne for a one-night-only show. Corey chats with Topher about the arts, speaking truth to power, the role of comedy, and the intolerance of the ‘tolerance’ brigade.

You can see Corey in action on Saturday 26th August, 8:30pm at The Oxford Hotel, Melbourne.
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