Germany, EV’s, Heat Pumps: You will own a car and a heater but you can’t use them

Germany, EV’s, Heat Pumps: You will own a car and a heater but you can’t use them
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Oh the irony — Green heat pumps and EV’s will need to be curtailed on a Green Grid

We’re watching the real time collapse of parts of the “Climate Industry” in on itself. The left eats its own. The EV’s and heat pumps the German government was coercing people to use are so incompatible with unreliable expensive energy, they will be among the first appliances to be restricted in the new clean green economy.

The truth is — Solar and wind power can’t power EV’s. In Germany the network regulator is working on ways to limit electricity to hungry EV’s and heat pumps so they don’t crash the grid.

The federal grid agency will throttle the charging power so EV’s will get just enough charge for a 50 kilometer trip from two hours of charging. Home owners will be offered a discount if they give control of their chargers to the government. Effectively the rich will charge their car or turn on their heater whenever they want. The poor will “save” €110 to €190 they never needed to spend with their old car or their old heater, and go withou electricity at peak times.

EV charger, heat pumps may be curtailed in Germany as of 2024

By Nikolaus J. Kurmayer |

Germany’s residential grid operators will be empowered to restrict the flow of power to heat pumps and electric vehicle (EV) chargers from 2024 in order to preserve the stability of the grid, which is suffering from chronic underinvestment.

Did you see what they did there? Renewable energy requires a massive new infrastructure and network build to connect up low density energy collectors. Saying that the grid is suffering “chronic underinvestment” implies this new and unnecessary cost was somehow meant to have been built and paid for already. They blame the grid for not already solving the failures of wind and solar power.

This also applies to EV’s and heat pumps. It was obvious they would need more electricity, so this is a belated ploy to blame “investors” effectively for not building the coal and nuclear plants, they weren’t allowed to build, in order to keep the EV’s and heat pumps running…

Across Europe, investments into grids are lagging behind what’s needed as the continent embraces heat pumps and electric vehicles.

“Waiting time for permits for grid reinforcements are between 4-10 years, and 8-10 years for high voltages,” the European Commission said on Tuesday (28 November) as it unveiled a new Action Plan to accelerate the deployment of electricity grids.

“Grids need to be an enabler, not a bottleneck in the clean energy transition,” said Kadri Simson, the EU’s energy commissioner.


Australia, this is our future if we keep following Germany.

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