Dirty Games: When Politics becomes Life and Death

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Today on The Aussie Wire, Dirty Games: When Politics becomes Life and Death

We’re not saying they WANT Robert F Kennedy Junior to be assassinated… all we’re saying is that if they DID then they would do exactly what they’re doing… Given the family history of assassination it’s simply extraordinary that RFK Jr is the first presidential candidate to request Secret Service protection and be DENIED… but it all starts to make sense once you know who makes these decisions.

At some point in the future there will be a movie made about Moira Deeming MP. The baptism of fire as a new MP suspended from her own party, the principled stand she is taking on so many critical issues, and the way she continues to ‘do the work’ of an MP representing her constituents despite it all, is truly a story that will be worth telling. For now we’ll have to settle for speaking with her on the small screen! Moira Deeming MP joins us to discuss the unseemly war of words that has exploded between Victorian and South Australia over Victoria’s insanely high taxes and unsustainable cost of doing business, and how that’s hurting ordinary workers and business owners.
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Police services Australia-wide are in crisis with high levels of attrition from their ranks, and seemingly unable to replace let alone increase their numbers. We speak with former Victoria Police officer Krystle Mitchell to better understand the causes and whether the current actions being taken by Victoria Police are likely to turn the problem around.
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The West Australian Government doxed its own gun owners… and The West Australian Newspaper published a map for all to see! As incredible as it sounds, it’s true! It led to break ins and thefts of firearms and given that it happened right at the time the WA Premier was looking for a pretext to ban more guns and calibre’s, the question has to be asked… was it an accident?
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