Defending Freedom of Speech: Libertarians vs. Government Deception and Media Control

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Today on The Aussie Wire News: Government Deception and Media Control

During this video Rebekah Barnett referred to a study that shows the presence of Covid vaccine mRNA in the nucleus of human cells…” This was mis-stated. The study shows the presence of viral spike mRNA and protein in the nucleus of human cells. 

  1. Topher explains why we can’t have nice things! Turns out it’s not the Baby Shark song after all… it’s worse. Much worse. And whilst Topher isn’t a fan of treating twitter ‘hot takes’ as news, he’s making an exception for this interesting and instructive example.
    Mr Beast Philanthropy video: We Paid for a Free Children’s Hospital

2. Jordan Dittloff joins Topher to discuss what the newly renamed Libertarian Party are doing to combat the dangerous ACMA ‘misinformation – disinformation’ bill.
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3. Rebekah Barnett brings us a fascinating story about a new lawsuit filed against the mRNA covid vaccine companies on the basis that the vaccines are actually GMOs! Read Rebekah’s substack article about it here:…
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4. It seems the MSM are finally catching up with the truth on covid vaccines and the suppression of REAL science during the covid era, but seeing these changing headlines leaves Topher with mixed feelings. Augusto Zimmermann, former president of the WA Law Reform Commission, joins Topher to discuss how best to respond as the media change their tune without ever acknowledging they were wrong.
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