Battleground Canada: The world watches as the RCMP become ‘brown shirts’

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Today on The Aussie Wire Topher discusses Canadian RCMP becoming ‘brown shirts’:

Canadian Police have arrested Rebel News Reporter David Menzies in a fashion that has shocked even hardened cynics, and harks back to the darkest days of Covid. Rebel News Australia Reporter Avi Yemeni joins us to discuss the shocking abuse of power, and the good news that has come out of it: It seems as though they’re not going to get away with it! Watch the arrest, and support David’s legal action, here:

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Aussie Wire regular Rebekah Barnett returns with another piece of brilliant journalism, breaking down exactly how Big Pharma use cheap ‘polls’ to manipulate the media and get free advertising… despite the ban on Pharma advertising directly to consumers! This is outstanding public-interest journalism from Barnett, as always, and the simplicity and ‘obviousness’ of the scheme is shocking. It’s a true ‘once you see it, you can’t un-see it’ moment! Read Rebekah Barnett’s Substack here:

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The Australian Medical Practitioners Society have put together a 100 page submission to the Senate, regarding Terms of Reference for a Royal Commission into Covid! They’ve done the hard work, now they just need our support to add our signatures to the document to equip Senator Alex Antic with the tools he needs to keep the pressure on the Government to follow through with a Royal Commission. Add your signature here:

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