4000 censored Covid posts, the Royal Commission that isn’t, and the Great Barrier Reef that won’t die.

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In a world where information is often manipulated and suppressed, The Aussie Wire News is dedicated to promoting pro-human values, individualism, and freedom, standing as your connection to the truth. With a diverse range of topics and thought-provoking discussions, we are the news alternative you’ve been looking for, offering a refreshing perspective on crucial issues some of which have been suppressed by the main stream media and legacy media as well as by our own Australian government.

In this episode of The Aussie Wire, our Host Topher Field passionately discusses the revelation that The Australian Government’s Suppression of over 4,000 social media posts during the Covid pandemic. Topher highlights the importance of transparency and freedom of expression, urging viewers to explore the full story with Rukshan, who delves deeper into the issue. Check out the insightful discussion here.

The Australian Writer and Sky News Host, Chris Kenny‘s write-up in The Australian offers an in-depth analysis of this concerning revelation, further validating the need to address the suppression of information. Dive into Kenny’s article for a comprehensive understanding of the situation here.

We also have renowned scientist, former Head of Physics at James Cook University and Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs,  Professor Peter Ridd joining us. Professor Ridd challenges the prevailing narrative surrounding the Great Barrier Reef’s fate. That contrary to doomsday predictions, Professor Ridd highlights the reef’s refusal to die as anticipated, emphasising the importance of data-backed analysis. Gain a glimpse into the kind of data Professor Ridd discusses with us on a regular basis by following his his thought-provoking data driven Facebook page here.

Next up, advocating for a Covid Royal Commission The Honourable John Ruddick, MLC who persistently pushes Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to fulfil his promise of establishing a Royal Commission into Covid. Again it is clear that Australia needs to have crucial dialogue, accountability and transparency around this issue. You can watch the Sky News Australia segment featuring The Honourable John Ruddick, MLC referenced here.

Our last guest is former UK Olympic rower turned political commentator, Alex Story. We discuss his three ‘Revelations’ and how he believes we need to respond to the current challenges before us. Join in on this inspiring conversation that encourages us all to take charge of shaping the future.

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